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Caprice Women’s 25354 Ankle Boots Blue (Ocean Comb 880) JAWSV
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Caprice Women’s 25354 Ankle Boots Blue (Ocean Comb 880) JAWSV Caprice Women’s 25354 Ankle Boots Blue (Ocean Comb 880) JAWSV Caprice Women’s 25354 Ankle Boots Blue (Ocean Comb 880) JAWSV Caprice Women’s 25354 Ankle Boots Blue (Ocean Comb 880) JAWSV Caprice Women’s 25354 Ankle Boots Blue (Ocean Comb 880) JAWSV

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A law that can change your relationships

By Joel Hilliker

From the March 2010 Trumpet Print Edition

T he other day my daughters each received a small toy. Within a short few hours, the youngest of them had lost hers. When she realized it, she began to cry. Her sister then said something to her that left me pleasantly shocked: “That’s okay—you can have mine.”

Such spontaneous generosity is not habitual in this child. But I watched as she handed over the toy, and she was genuinely happy to give it—even more than her sister was to receive it.

Why do we give gifts? Why give to our children, or spouse, or other family member or friends, or someone in need? Generally it is not to try to get something in return—to secure some right to the other person’s gratitude. We give simply for the pleasure of giving. It is, after all, more blessed to give than to receive (Acts 20:35). Living the give way simply makes us happy.

But giving also does something else to us—something more specific. That’s because of a remarkable dynamic set in motion when we obey God’s law.

Jesus Christ instructed us to lay up treasures not on Earth, but in heaven. He explained the profound reason: “For He said, “ (Matthew 6:21; Luke 12:34).

This is an extraordinary truth. Our tends to follow our treasure. Wherever we give some physical thing—and not just our money, but even our time or energy—we tend also to commit simultaneously something more precious: a little piece of ourselves.

We see this rule in action with tithes and offerings. God doesn’t need our money; He could provide for His work any number of miraculous ways. But He instructs us to commit our to that work. Not only does this instill in us a habit of generosity that develops our character and makes us more like Him, the great Giver (James 1:17)—but it also draws into His work. We take on a more committed mindset toward God’s plans and ambitions, His activities today, and how they are preparing for the future.

If you think about it, that act of actually helps us to That is what God desires most of all.

In ancient Israel, God sought to lay claim to the hearts of His people the same way. He commanded that the Israelites offer regular sacrifices. There were daily, weekly, monthly and annual offerings, and others for certain special occasions. Obviously God didn’t have any practical use for the animals and other food and drink offered to Him. His goal in having the Israelites give was to —to toward Himself.

There is a clue to this truth even in the word In Hebrew, one word for is It is usually translated “offering” in the Old Testament, and appears extensively throughout the books of Leviticus and Numbers referring to the Israelites’ sacrifices.

As Daniel Lapin brings out in his book the root of (Strong’s 07133) is the Hebrew word (07126)meaning to or or is variously translated “come near,” “draw near,” “be at hand” and “join.” What a lovely word, referring to a sacrifice for God! The similar word (07138) actually refers to a personal relationship or kinship.

When an Israelite brought an offering to God, it was intended to bring him to God. Surely God was pleased with the act, but that wasn’t the primary reason He commanded it. Presenting to God—the act of giving—was meant to make the feel closer to his Creator, more than the other way around. He was committing his to God, and so his followed.

Note how this law plays out in your life. Where your treasure is, there will your heart be also. If you invest your money, time and energy into your family, your heart will follow. If you give to and sacrifice for your marriage—even if you don’t “feel like it”—then you’ll find that physical act actually into a deeper love. Your obedience to the even in a physical sense, will set in motion the wheels of love.

Anciently, when an Israelite made a sacrifice to God, it was to teach him the lesson to love God more. Likewise, when a husband gives to his wife or sacrifices for her, it helps him love her more.

By the same principle, if you are constantly making sacrifices for your employer, that doesn’t make him feel closer to you nearly as much as it makes feel closer to . Your heart follows your treasure. Over time you may then find yourself making greater and still greater sacrifices for your work. This may or may not be a good thing.

So consider this practical wisdom. If you want to make your love toward someone grow a little, If you want to make your love grow sacrifice for him or her.

Maybe there’s someone you are thrust into regular contact with whom you have a hard time relating to. Perhaps one of your co-workers really gets under your skin. Try it out: him something; make a sacrifice for him. Not to turn his heart to you—but yours to him! Give, and see if it doesn’t draw you nearer to him. It may not solve the problem completely, but you can be sure it will improve your attitude.

If you had an argument with your spouse in the morning and you’re feeling resentful, do the counterintuitive thing. Pick up a bouquet of flowers on your way home from work. The next time you see her, rather than giving her the lecture you’ve been rehearsing all day, give her a gift she may actually appreciate. Whether or not she does, you’ll find that your sacrifice has done a lot to dissolve your own hostility. Now you are in a far better position to restore harmony to your marriage than you otherwise would have been.

Commit your treasure, and your heart will follow. Don’t wait until you “feel love” before you give or sacrifice.

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A small number of zealous “social justice” advocates are bullying the silent majority of Americans into submission.


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A lot of descriptions of some of these “folks” are pretty bizarre. A businessman’s family in Wildwood, New Jersey, was visited by an unusually large man whose pants legs hiked up when he sat down, revealing a green wire grafted onto his skin and running up his leg.

There are other cases of MIB appearing on the other side of a wet, muddy field after a heavy rain, but having no mud whatever on their brightly shined shoes and in the bitter cold, out of nowhere, wearing only a thin coat. Their shoes and wallets all seem new and hardly broken in.

They are not alone. They seem to have faceless conspirators in the nation’s post offices and phone companies. Researchers and witnesses often report their mail going astray at an unusually high rate and being bothered by bizarre phone calls where they are spoken to by metallic, unhuman-sounding voices.

Unusual noises on the phone, intensifying whenever UFOs are mentioned, and voices breaking in on conversations, have all led many people to suspect that their phones are being tapped.

One can’t discuss the MIB for long without mentioning the name of John A. Keel , an author who has written much about them. Keel has done more than any other writer to publicize this bizarre aspect of the UFO situation. Keel suggests that the UFO are part of the environment itself and come from another time-space continua; that most of the UFO phenomena is psychic and psychological rather than physical. Well, I personally would not define it that way, although those two components are certainly deeply involved in what’s going on.

The first noted appearance of the MIB was in 1947, at the scene of the Maury Island incident , where some debris was ejected from a disk, and subsequently recovered by officials, who loaded them on an Army bomber which crashed on takeoff.

To illustrate a little how bizarre some of the incidents are regarding the MIB, I have assembled a short list of some of the more interesting factors in some cases:

An ex-Air Force man is gassed and interrogated by MIB after he has learned classified NASA secrets. Close-up photos of UFOs were seized from a teenager who is also directly threatened by MIB.

MIB sighted in the lobby of the U.S. State Department leave a mysterious artifact.

MIB pose as Air Force officers to silence witnesses.

MIB tries to buy before-hours Coke and sings to birds in trees.

MIB disintegrates a coin in a witness’ hand and tells him that his heart will do the same if he talks.

Men In Black – Summary

What an interesting, intriguing and eclectic history this MIB phenomenon carries with it. Military men being drugged, and yet at other times MIB posing as military personnel. Described as possible oriental in feature “high cheekbones, big almond eyes, pale toned skin” often hairless, the MIB are accounted appearing to those having had singular lonely ufotic experiences.

Their almost surreal like appearances and actions, sometimes threatening, sometimes not; Their singular knowledge that only those they visit could have been privy to regarding an Extraterrestrial event experienced earlier; their relationship to a numerous and wide variety of paranormal events’ .UFO sightings, actual extraterrestrial visitations with lone humans, abductions or attempted abductions, their threats to prevent attempts of contactees to communicate knowledge of their experiences to the wider world; at the very least, this all leads one to consider an attempt at a controlled agenda.

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